An Evening Walk Over Crimpiau.

Path up to col above Llyn Crafnant.

Two of my three children were away, so Anne and I decided to take our remaining daughter for a couple of days in North Wales. Neither of them like camping, so we stayed in the bunk room at the Bryn Tyrch in Capel Curig.

We arrived late afternoon and since it looked as though it was going to be a fine evening, so I decided to walk over Crimpiau. I did this walk with my son three years ago the last time we stayed at the hotel. However, I had forgotten to bring either my camera or phone, so wasn't able to take any photographs. This time I made sure that I had both of them with me!

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A Summit Camp on Glasgwm.

The Arenigs from the col below Glasgwm.

I was going to visit a relative in Swansea and thought I could combine the journey with an overnighter on Glasgwm.

I had forgotten what a long haul it is from home to Dinas Mawddwy. I got to the small car park at the end of Cwm Cywarch about 5:30pm. Although the car park was nowhere near full, there were more cars than I had seen on my previous visits. Various people were returning from their day out and getting ready to depart for home. The weather forecast was for a clear night, so I wanted to try some astrophotography from the summit. A couple of years ago I bought a Yongnuo MC-36B intervalometer for my Canon DSLR. I have used it at home to create time lapse photos and take astro pictures. I have an Velbon tripod that belonged to my father, which I intended to lug up to the summit. I finished packing my rucksack and strapped the tripod to the outside.

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A Two Day Trip Over Arenig Fawr and Moel Llyfnant.

Summit cairn and memorial Arenig Fawr.

I have done this backpack a couple of times before. However, I had no hesitation in repeating it. The Arenigs are relatively unfrequented and have panoramic views over most of the mountains of North Wales. The summit of Moel Llyfnant seems to be rarely visited, as there are only vague signs of tracks leading up to the top.

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Traverse of the Carneddau from Cwm Eigiau.

Pen Llithrig yr Wrach and Pen yr Helgi Du misted out.

I had wanted to get out backpacking all year, but my free time had always coincided with periods of poor weather. Finally I could get out for a couple of days and the forecast was good. The plan was to drive into Cwm Eigiau and do a two day traverse. I had done a similar route a couple of years ago, but wanted to do a similar route in reverse starting at Pen Llithrig y Wrach and going clockwise around the ridge.

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Montane Prism Jacket, Trousers and Gilet.

This review is all about a trio of Montane Prisms!

Prism Jacket.

The Prism jacket has been around for a while and is now at version 2. The outer is Pertex microlight and it's filled with 40g of Primaloft. For those of you that don't know Primaloft is ...

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Happy New Year!

A New Year and time for some changes. This blog has got something of a mixture of technology related posts and posts about the outdoors. I have decided to start a new blog at to which is going to be about technology. This blog will be where ...

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Tour of Britain

Tour of Britain.

As a keen cyclist I was pleased to hear that stage four of the Tour of Britain was passing within a couple of miles of where I lived. I decided that the best place to get a good view was outside the local pub, where the race had to negotiate a "T" junction. The race was due to pass the pub about 12:00pm, so I left home shortly after eleven on the 20 minute ride, to give my self plenty of time to find a good spot.

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Summit Camp on Moel Llyfnant (Arenigs).

Cotton grass on Arenig Fawr.

Another short trip, starting late in the day to avoid the heat. I had done the same trip last year and enjoyed it so much, I decided to do it again! The original inspiration for this trip came from v-g excellent site.

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Moelwyns Cloud Inversion

Tremadoc Bay from Moelwyn Bach.

My son was doing his D of E Bronze expedition over the weekend, starting from Llandegla. The weather forecast was for hot and sunny conditions over the next few days. I didn't want to waste the opportunity for an overnight trip, but has to be back home at midday on the Saturday morning. However, we wouldn't be arriving at Llandegla until about 7:00pm, which left very limited time for me to drive into Snowdonia and get up to a summit.

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An Arans Traverse and Summit Camp on Glasgwm.

Craig Cywarch.

Finally a period of sunny weather. I had wanted to get out for an overnight trip, but the weather had put paid to any trips so far this year. After dropping the children off at the school bus I set off for North Wales. I still hadn't decided exactly where I was going, but on my way over the A5104 made up my mind to have a go at the Arans traverse and camp on Glasgwm. This was a trip that I had been thinking about for some time, as I had never climbed Glasgwm. After several trips over the Arans in indifferent weather, I had wanted to save the circuit for a settled period of fine weather.

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